Amnesty: Obama’s ultimate executive action

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The November election is not sizing up to be a good one for Barack Obama or for Democrats in general. The President’s signature legislation, passed without a Republican vote, is growing in unpopularity – well over half of independents hate it – and is an anchor around Democratic officeholder’s necks. The economy, well, it sucks. And then there’s amnesty.

The President, with the help of liberal Republicans like John McCain, managed to get the Gang of Eight bill through the Senate. It’s been lying dead in the House since its arrival even though the Republican Establishment, the Speaker of the House, virtually every liberal House Republican, the US Chamber of Commerce, and a phalanx of businesses controlled by cheap-labor liberals have been at war trying to get an amnesty bill to the floor.

The President, seeing defeat on the horizon which will eliminate any possibility of legislative victories like he had with ObamaCare, is evaluating his options on amnesty. It’s a program that Democrats need to advance their power and grow the federal government into a well-oiled machine like the government that runs Mexico.

Mr. Obama faces two choices. Three, if we include the option of doing nothing and waiting for Congress to act. We’re not commenting on that choice because we don’t find that Obama has ever cared about the legislative process. He’s sure he’s the best and brightest and that gives him carte blanche to do as he pleases.

His first choice is to continue to delay deportations and expand the classes of illegal aliens covered by his largesse. We don’t see this happening because it’s not a permanent fix. It doesn’t automatically move 11+ million illegal aliens into legal status and put them on a path becoming Democratic voters (and Obama worshippers). An executive order can be undone by the next President with the stroke of a pen.

Additionally, this will put him at odds with a Republican House and Senate who will be looking for ways to overturn his order.

We’re writing this one off.

We think the more likely possibility is an exercise of the supreme Jimmy Carter. Carter pardoned all Vietnam War resisters and granted discharge reviews to members of the military who had received less-than-honorable discharges. That’s the only reason we have John Kerry as Secretary of State.

Look for our Imperial President to grant a pardon to all illegal aliens. That makes them legal residents of the US. We suspect he’ll let the incompetent administrators at ICE sort out how to deal with them, but you can bet they’ll be on a fast track to becoming Democratic voters.

There will certainly be political fallout, but for Obama it falls into the realm of “so what” preceded and followed by uproarious laughter on his part.


A pardon is the ultimate thumb in the eye of all those who believe in the Constitution, and especially Tea Party conservatives. Calls for impeachment will continue to fall on deaf ears, and in this case will be made by the totally ignorant. The President is given full authority to pardon anyone he sees fit. Bill Clinton arguably sold a pardon to Mark Rich for campaign contributions and that went nowhere.

A Presidential pardon is unchallengeable at any level. We will have as many new legal US residents as he sees fit to waive his magic wand over and a Presidential pardon cannot be overturned or rescinded.

We’re guessing that come November the Senate flips to Republican control in the next Congress, starting in January. We’re looking for the gift of amnesty right around Christmas time.

Just wait and see.

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