Does Alan Grayson’s Nose Slime Still Beat His Wife?

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grayson-2-e1369257070641I love politics… No, really – I do – and here’s a great example of why: A writer at Joe For recently described Congressman Alan Grayson as “nose slime,” and sensing a terrific opportunity to exploit the “Joe the Plumber” brand – Congressman Alan Grayson quickly zipped out a fundraising email denying that he is in fact, “nose slime.” First, he lies about me being the writer, then lies about himself not being nose slime? I’m not kidding!

Come on, this stuff is why I get up in the morning.. that and my little one has a runny nose. Gotta wipe up that Alan Grayson from time to time. So cute.. But such a nose slime denier he is, right?

Typical liberal. He is nose slime, we all know it and the facts are there to prove it.

But what we don’t know, is if Alan Grayson is a wife-beater. Like all abusers of women in the Democrat Party, Alan Grayson is innocent until proven ignored by the media. For Democrats and their lapdogs in the press, the “War on Women” is an exclusive club after all, reserved for only conservatives, Republicans and males in general – never a Democrat.

hillary_clinton_picking_noseNever mind the #1 fundraiser in the Democrat Party, Bill Clinton – Mr. Happy Pants – is a credibly accused rapist, philanderer, serial cheater, assaulter of any number of females and a liar –  perfectly willing to humiliate his daughter in public if it means getting serviced by a pudgy intern under the oval office desk.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that in the War on Women, Ted Kennedy still has the only confirmed kill.

But that didn’t stop Democrats from parading those two at the Democratic Convention in 2012 and it won’t stop the nose slime that is Alan Grayson from getting plenty of support from Democrats in his Florida District 9 House race for re-election in 2014.

NOSESLIME_zps4a8b50a6Just send out an email claiming “Joe the Plumber” lied about your nose slime lineage and send me some money and I’ll give you more handouts..

Female Democrats, Male Democrats, Nose Slime Democrats – every Democrat loves them a good Alan Grayson, because he’s for Amnesty, Gun Control, Higher Taxes, ObamaCare – you know – all the things that make this country great… for nose slime. But back to not beating your wife:

Alan Grayson doesn’t beat his wife.. or does he? He is currently being investigated for domestic violence against his spouse, Lolita Grayson.


The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Lolita Grayson was preparing to take the couple’s two youngest children to a play date when Alan Grayson “showed up, unannounced” and asked to speak with her inside..


After she refused, retrieved his mail and asked him to leave, Alan Grayson “then deliberately and with force pushed [Lolita Grayson] very hard against the front door, causing [her] to fall to the ground as a result,” the petition states.


As she was talking to the operator, Alan Grayson told his wife, in the presence of their children, that she “would receive nothing” in their divorce and would be left “in the gutter,” the petition states.


Photos filed by Lolita Grayson’s attorneys with the petition show large bruises to her left leg and left shoulder.


Her complaint alleges that “from time to time” in the past, her husband “has battered [her] and the parties’ minor children,” though she has not previously sought an injunction against him.

boogerI hope for the sake of those kids he stays away until these charges are proven to be ignored.

But if in fact it turns out that Nose Slime still beats his wife, do you think it will matter to Democrats when it comes to the voting booth? Pa-lease..

Best we can do is try and help his opponent –

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