20 Creepy Things To Whisper Into Someones Ear When Hugging Them


1) Long Sniff – Mmmmmmm… You smell different when you are awake.

2) “Please Help Me” Then smile as if nothing happened.

3) “soon”

4) If it is a girl you are hugging and you are a guy. “I can feel them pressing against my chest. I think those are the only thing I miss about being a woman.”

5) “You have lovely skin, I can’t wait to try it on.”

6) “The Slow blade penetrates the shield…”

7) “Your hair tastes like strawberries”

8) “Tonight… You”

9) “Wait… Don’t let go just yet” ( subtle. weird. unusual. needy )

10) “He knows, Don’t go home”

11) “I always knew you would die in my arms”

12) “That’ll do pig”

13) “Every time I poop, I think of you”

14) “No one will ever believe you”

15) “Yessssssss”

16) “I bet you didn’t feel me lick your ear”

17) “I killed Mufasa”

18) There are only four layers, or less, of cloth separating us from ecstasy.

19) “Mother told me it would be like this”

20) is actually #5 here




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