Why won’t WH release State Dept. report on Saudi Arabia’s hate-filled textbooks?

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Written by Howard Portnoy

The move on President Obama’s part could arguably be rationalized as an act of self-preservation, or at least good will. He is preparing for a trip to Saudi Arabia. It is understandable that he might want to delay the release of a damning government study on Saudi Arabia’s education system and its emphasis on intolerance for other cultures and non-Islamic religions.

But the report was completed before the end of 2012. Why wasn’t it released long ago?

Eli Lake, writing at the Daily Beast, notes that the State Department underwrote the study of Saudi textbooks and other classroom materials, which was conducted by a Washington nonprofit called the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy.

According to current and former U.S. officials, the still-unreleased study “presents a mixed picture. While it praises the Saudis for making some reforms and removing the most offensive language from textbooks, it still found there was room for improvement.”

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