The White House is like the Kremlin

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Judith Miller says the White House is “getting to be a little bit like the Kremlin”… and we think that’s happening in more ways than one. There is one major difference that Judith misses though. The White House has traded spine for white flags while the Kremlin has imported testosterone in tank cars.

Ms. Miller is talking about the Obama Campaign’s use of staged sets as opposed to actually interacting with reporters – who have been doing the full Lewinsky for this President for the last five years – in press conferences. And we’re intentionally referring to the Obama administration as the Obama Campaign because they’re back, assuming they ever really left it, full campaign mode.

We think the President and is handlers have figured out that there’s only one thing he’s good at – assuming you discount hitting on hot, blonde, Prime Ministers at funerals – and that’s campaigning. He makes a fool of himself every time he gets in front of a camera without his beloved TelePromTer and he can’t give a straight answer to pretty much any question. So, it’s off to the movie set we go.

We also see more than a little “Kremlin” in this White House. President Obama has seemingly assumed the mantle of The Imperial President with his unconstitutional legislative actions in the areas of immigration and the ObamaCare law. He rewrites the laws he doesn’t like and selectively enforces the rest. He stonewalls the Congress on every scandal and lies to the American people every time he opens his mouth. And then there’s the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies who seem to be in a state of war with the American people.

We’ve given up hoping to see this President ever held to account for his actions or his policies. We’re simply focused on retaking the US Senate – even if it means electing some RINOs in some purple states – so we can further slow down the creeping socialism the President is inflicting on the nation.

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