Walking Dead Spoiler for Rush Limbaugh

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For years now Rush Limbaugh has been sharing with the world his vision of what liberalism is. He’s been pretty successful in keeping his audience alive. But is he actually changing anyone’s mind? We all know that a huge number of his listeners are ditto-heads; people who already agree with him. Apparently there are also a lot of people out there listening to him just to try to put together a clip that they can play, even if out of context, to finally prove what liberals mistakenly believe; that Rush Limbaugh is a bad guy. I wonder though, where are the herds of liberals being converted to self reliant tax payers, ready to go forth and hold people accountable for their actions?

The answer is in a recent episode of The Walking Dead (Season 4, Episde 14 entitled “The Grove” which first aired on AMC on March 16, 2014). If you have not yet seen this issue and do not want it spoiled for you, bookmark this page so that you’re sure to be able to find it after you do watch it.

Fans got their first chance to be freaked out by Lizzie on October 13, 2013 in the first episode of the forth season entitled “30 Days Without An Accident” when she was seen naming the zombies at the prison fence. ¬†Carl tells her that she shouldn’t name them because they are not people and because they kill people. Lizzie then argues that people also kill people and they still have names.

Moral relativity is the backbone of liberalism. Without it, even liberals have to admit it makes no sense.

Throughout several episodes fans got to see her playing with zombies and feeding small animals to them, failing completely to realize that the zombies wanted only to kill and eat her. At least a few fans almost smashed their TV sets when it seemed like Lizzie was smothering baby Judith to keep her quiet when zombies were hunting them. In the end Lizzie kills her little sister, Mika, in a derranged attempt to show Carol and Tyreese that zombies are just different. Her expectation is that her sister will reanimate as a zombie who will then be her friend. Armed with a pistol, she tells Carol and Tyreese that she was just about to do the same thing to Judith before they showed up. Carol convinces her that would be a bad idea because Judith is too little and can’t even walk yet. Carol and Tyreese agree that Lizzie is beyond help and is dangerous to any living person she comes into contact with because she cannot be convinced to abandon her lunatic mission to prove that zombies shouldn’t be killed. They don’t want her to become a zombie, because the living all agree that fate is worse than death, so they agree to kill Lizzie out of mercy.

People who’ve had to witness the lunacy of liberals can easily identify Lizzie as the show’s first post-appocolyptic liberal. No matter what the circumstances, it seems there’s always at least one person who’s idealism flys in the face of reality to the detriment of themselves and the group. The popular cable television show averages more than 10 million viewers per show and a good number of them are not ditto-heads. A good number of them never before realized how dangerous liberalism is. A good number of them would never listen to Rush Limbaugh. What they all saw was a very clear demonstration of how liberalism works. They could see it’s disease like characteristics and they could see that it kills people and causes people to get killed. Liberals often seem harmless and cute, but their inability to see the difference between right and wrong upsets the balance of freedom and order. With no anchor principles, liberals can be incited to embrace anything from anarchism to totalitarianism, whatever is convenient for the enemies of the state, and then when 20 million people wind up in mass graves they just change the name and keep moving forward.

Now, am I saying that I expect liberals to start tossing their tire pressure gauges away and turning down the air conditioning? No, not at all. I think the show demonstrates that you can’t fix stupid. It’s just interesting that AMC got a bunch of liberals to sit through decades of the Rush Limbaugh Show condensed into about 40 minutes and the weather underground hasn’t even yet arranged for any college kids to get shot. Your move Rush.

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