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VOTD 3-4-14


From Youtube description:

Hidden exterior entry door project.

Materials and hardware used to make it:

– Standard fiberglass exterior door.

– Red cedar (won’t rot, but lighter than pressure treated). Three 2x4s, ripped to 3″ to form a frame to offset the siding, mounted to the door using 3″ lag screws and fender washers (fender washers used to prevent the bolts from tearing through the fiberglass door).

– HardiPlank siding.

– Morning Industry Keypad and Remote Deadbolt.

– Ball Catch (holds the door shut without needing a turn-able doorknob).

– Richelieu 1-1/2-in x 1-1/2-in Satin Nickel Surface Cabinet Hinge (two).…

– Hose bib (used as as the exterior door handle… no working plumbing connected).

– Interior doorknob is a dummy knob (used for pulling the door open but doesn’t actually latch).


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