What if . . . Think Karma

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For Obama’s first two years in office he had a Democrat majority House and a filibuster-proof Democrat majority Senate. Wouldn’t it be fitting for his last two years to have a Republican majority House and a filibuster-proof Republican majority Senate?

One thing that can confuse a lot of people is that while every two years an election determines the outcome for all of the seats in the U.S.House there is only an election for one third of the seats in the U.S.Senate. In 2014 there are also three special elections for seats that were held by Democrat Daniel Inoue, and Republicans Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn for a grand total of 36 seats. There are 34 Democrats and 30 Republicans in the U.S.Senate whose seats are not subject to an election in 2014.

Consider the 33 seats and 3 special election seats in 2014 just in terms of Partisan Voter Index (PVI), and notice that this is in the Republicans favor in 2014. It would definitely be a long shot, but Republicans have a shot at picking up 30 of these 36 seats. 15 of the 30 are currently held by Republicans and 15 are currently held by Democrats. All 30 have to be impressive nominees that don’t make Todd Akin gaffes, and at least 10 of these 30 will be people who have never served in either the House of Senate before.

No names except for two departed and one departing senator are mentioned in this piece. A lot of us wish that there were less than 34 Democrat seats safe from this election so that it would be possible to get enough senators to override a veto or remove a President by impeachment. We also wish that more than 10 out of the 100 members in the Senate are people who never served in either the House or Senate, and that could still happen. The main point is that it would be sweet karma for Obama who had a rubber stamp congress his first two years to have a congress united in opposition to him in his last two years.

15 Republican seats they HOLD in 2014:

  • Wyoming R+22
  • Oklahoma R+19
  • Oklahoma R+19
  • Idaho R+18
  • Alabama R+14
  • Kentucky R+13
  • Nebraska R+12 *
  • Kansas R+12
  • Tennessee R+12
  • Texas R+10
  • Mississippi R+9
  • South Carolina R+8
  • South Carolina R+8
  • Georgia R+6
  • Maine D+6

15 Democrat seats that switch to Republican PICKUPS in 2014:

  • Arkansas R+14
  • West Virginia R+13
  • Alaska R+12 *
  • Louisiana R+12
  • South Dakota R+10 *
  • Montana R+7
  • North Carolina R+3 *
  • New Hampshire D+1
  • Colorado D+1
  • Virginia EVEN *
  • Iowa D+1 *
  • Minnesota D+2 *
  • Michigan D+4 *
  • New Mexico D+4 *
  • Oregon D+5 *

The Democrats only 2014 wins:

  • Hawaii D+20
  • Rhode Island D+11
  • Massachusetts D+10
  • Illinois D+8
  • Delaware D+8
  • New Jersey D+6


* indicates 10 seats for ones who have not ever served before in the House or Senate

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