Teachers union calls proposed ban of flip-flops, facial piercings ‘very restrictive’

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CHARLESTON, W. Va. – From the misplaced priorities file comes the story of Fred Albert’s crusade to help Kanawha County, West Virginia teachers maintain the right to wear flip flops and facial piercings while teaching students.

WV-flip-flopsThe Charleston Daily Mail reports the proposed teacher dress code policy does away with “blue jeans, flip-flops and facial piercings,” among other things.

“It’s very restrictive and totally unnecessary,” Albert, the local teachers union president, told the newspaper. “The only statement that needs to be made is that employees need to dress and behave in a professional manner. We don’t need a prescriptive and strict policy.”

When this issue surfaced in December, Christine Campbell, president of the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginiatold the Spirit of Jefferson, “Are we going to line teachers up and measure the length of their skirts?”

“We’re living in a new culture. We’re looking to attract new, young teachers, and for a lot of young people, that’s the way they express themselves,” Campbell said.

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