Senators are upset because the CIA is doing to them what NSA is doing to everybody

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Here’s Senator Diane Feinstein on the floor of the US Senate complaining about the CIA looking through the computers of the Senate oversight committee. We don’t find much common ground with Senator Feinstein, but we’re with her on this.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is reportedly referring the snooping to the Department of Justice for a criminal investigation. Hopefully, this investigation won’t be slowed down by the tens of thousands of man hours DoJ is spending every week investigating Benghazi and the IRS.

We must admit that we’re having a small problem not spitting our morning coffee on the screen of our new laptop every time we think of this. Feinstein is one of the staunchest defenders of NSA snooping on us. So much for “good for the goose, good for the gander.”

If you had any doubt that agencies of the federal government are above the law, read this statement from the CIA slowly. Maybe read it twice.

Agency officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have previously said that Senate investigators accessed documents to which they were not entitled.

We’re talking about the US Senate Intelligence OVERSIGHT committee. The folks who are supposed to make sure intelligence agencies are complying with the law. The CIA is questioning whether they should have access to information about how the agency operates.

We’re not picking on the CIA here. It seems as though every agency is walking arm in arm on this issue. The head of the NSA commits perjury before the same Senate Intelligence Committee and he gets a pass.

Officials of the IRS stonewall the House oversight committee and so far, crickets. The State Department and the Benghazi investigation. The FBI won’t even tell the House committee who is heading the IRS investigation, well, they refused to for at least six months before finally revealing she’s a big time Obama donor.

The government is too damn big and nobody in any position of power is the least bit interested in reducing its reach. The reason? It will reduce their power, and that, friends, is what this is all about. Power.


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