Sarah Palin at CPAC: Just say “NO” to amnesty

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Sarah Palin took on the Washington establishment at CPAC last week. She blasted the Obama administration with a great rendition of Dr. Seuss and took a shotgun to the Republican Establishment with her comments on amnesty.

We are not big fans of Sarah Palin as a Presidential candidate, she was a really lousy governor of Alaska and we don’t think she’d do any better as President. However, there is no better server of red meat than Sarah. Frankly, now that she’s an Arizona resident we wouldn’t mind seeing her run for Senate in 2016. We’d love to see her bombing the Senate with stuff like this and she’d be a huge improvement over John McCain, who is tossing around another run for Senate or maybe President. Gag. We’d love to see her debate McCain though.

All that said, she’s absolutely right in this clip. The 2010 election that put John Boehner in the Speaker’s Chair in the House and the only reason Mitch McConnell has a shot at being Majority Leader in the Senate is because of the Tea Party. Their lack recognition and loyalty to those who put them in positions of power is staggering.

As Conservative Republicans we need to be supporting conservative candidates in the upcoming primaries. We won’t win all the races, but we’ll win some, and with those wins we realign the Washington version of Republicans to the right. Senators Cruz and Lee need help. The entire Arizona House Republican delegation needs your help. We may have the two most pathetic Senators in the nation, but our House Republicans are solid conservatives.

This year it’s time to get involved. Work for a candidate. Give up your Starbucks and donate, every dollar counts – and don’t donate to the Party, donate to conservative candidates. And for the sake of your kids and grandkids, vote.

If you’re stuck having to vote for a moderate or a RINO in November, for their sake just do it. We have to take back the Senate to put the brakes on the Obama agenda. Only with a Senate majority can we stop his worst nominees, and only with a Senate majority can we stop the possibility of a Karl Marx clone on the US Supreme Court.

We can turn the nation around, but not by supporting third parties. We need a larger Republican majority in the House and any Republican majority in the Senate. The nation depends on you.


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