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Russia sends troops, Obama administration sends a selfie


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Russian leader Vladmir Putin sent in troops and tanks to invade neighboring Ukraine and the Obama administration is coming to the rescue with . . . selfies!

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki was mocked Thursday after posting a photo of herself on Twitter holding a sign that read #United­For­Ukraine @State­Dept­Spox.”

Psaki, who has worked closely with President Obama since his 2008 campaign and is the chief communications adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry, is smiling and giving a thumbs-up in the photo.

But the cheerleading for beleaguered Ukraine wasn’t trending or scaring off bully Putin, said critics in the blogosphere.

“Presenting The Latest US Strategy to Counter ‘Russian Aggression,’ ” a snarky blogger posted on “#Selfies!”

Critics said the photo from America’s chief diplomatic perch was embarrassing.

“No wonder Putin covers his mouth when speaking to Obama, perhaps to hide his laugh?” wrote another blogger.

“How flippin’ sad has the USA become?” wondered a third critic.

Psaki defended her photo.

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