Redskins owner makes name-change announcement

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Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder released a statement late Monday night announcing that despite widespread calls for the team to change its name, the name and logo would remain the same.

But in lieu of a name change, Snyder has created the “Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation,” with hopes to “provide meaningful and measurable resources that provide genuine opportunities for tribal communities.”

Snyder wrote in his letter that after visiting 26 different reservations across the country, he thought the widespread poverty and sky-high substance abuse rates were more important to address than a name. He wrote, “Life expectancies in high poverty Native American communities are the lowest anywhere in the Western Hemisphere — except for Haiti.”

He said the foundation has already begun work distributing shoes and coats, as well as fixing water pipes and providing necessary construction equipment for the Omaha Tribe in Nebraska. Snyder said there are already 40 more projects currently in progress and they hope to work with tribal leaders to do more.

He finished his statement with, “For too long, the struggles of Native Americans have been ignored, unnoticed and unresolved. As a team, we have honored them through our words and on the field, but now we will honor them through our actions. We commit to the tribes that we stand together with you, to help you build a brighter future for your communities.”

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