No, President Obama, I will not purchase Obamacare!

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President Obama:

Today is the deadline that is not really a deadline to purchase Obamacare, or what Nancy Pelosi insists on calling the Affordable Care Act. I call it Pelosicare, but a dead rose by any other name would be just as rancid.

Mr. President, you have given waivers to unions and others who contributed to your reelection. Meanwhile, ordinary Americans like me are told that if we do not purchase your insurance, we will be fined at least $95 this year.

President Obama, let me tell you what world leaders are telling you all over the globe and what I have been too restrained to say until now.

Mr. President, go f*ck yourself.

I normally would not use such language, but that is what you have been saying to the American people almost every day for the past five years.

Because you blame everybody else for your failures and play various victim cards, let’s get the tired canards out of the way.

This is not about your race. You are 50% black, 50% white, and 100% useless as a leader. Nothing you are doing is working. You do not know how to do anything because you have never done anything. You have been coddled your entire life, causing you to replace your certitude for contradictory empirical evidence.

This is not about your religion. You cannot be a Muslim because Islam would require you to worship a higher power than yourself.

This is not about your national origins. I suspect you were conceived in New York in an IBM laboratory, and that you are a computer. That is why you lack human emotions such as empathy. Only an entity with an Intel chip where their heart should be would react to Americans hurting with shrugs of indifference. From scandals like Benghazi to failed policies causing high food and gasoline policies, your shrugs of indifference are way past offensive.


When people disagree with you, you target them using the IRS, EPA and other powers at your disposal.

This is not about your website, which is an accurate reflection of your administration at work. Of course your website failed. Your entire administration is crashing. I would call it a glitch but why sugarcoat catastrophes?

Your behavior would be mildly more tolerable if you delivered results. I would not want to live under Vladimir Putin, but he is right when he says he can keep the streets clean after a snowstorm. The Daley machine in Chicago was corrupt, but it picked up the trash on time. You, President Obama, are that rare combination of incompetence and maliciousness.

Sir, I am not a rebel or revolutionary. I have led an ordinary, mainstream American life. This is only the second time in my life I have refused to comply with an edict. When I was in college at a Jewish university in Los Angeles, a Marxist tenured professor demanded I take her English class. She is still dumbing down students to this day. When she confronted me, I gave her a simple message. “I will take English, but I will never take it with you.” She seethed. I gave up my Summer and took English at a community college. I went on to be the productive citizen she will never be.

Mr. President, I mention that incident because this time, there are no other options. Either we purchase one of your specifically approved plans, or we are in violation.

Sir, your plans suck. They are not affordable. You are requiring people to pay more money for an inferior product. This is because you trust government bureaucrats to handle business functions rather than trust businesspeople who have spent their entire lives conducting business. I am not qualified to be a community organizer and you are not an expert in commerce. The difference is I know my limitations, so I work for a living rather than rouse the rabble.

Most importantly sir, you do not obey the rule of law. You make it up as you go along. When you disagree with laws, you disobey them. Your selective enforcement is fit for a banana republic, not an exceptional nation like America.

I understand you are so thin-skinned that my refusal to comply may cause you to use the IRS or your Department of Justice to attack me and other ordinary Americans, rather than fix your own flawed program.

You are the problem sir. You broke the healthcare system. You own it. You are not going to fine me because I refuse to pay for birth control for spoiled brats like Sandra Fluke. You are not going to fine me because I refuse to purchase an unaffordable healthcare plan so parasites supporting you can get free everything that was never free. I will not destroy my own financial future just so your phony enrollment numbers can increase by one more sucker.  If Sandra Fluke’s birth control is unaffordable, so is my healthcare coverage to pay for her birth control.

Sir, you will be out of office in three years. I will wait you out. From the Taliban to Bashar Assad, everybody who waits you out benefits.

If you want me to buy your insurance, make it reasonably priced and a respectable quality product. If  you cannot do this, get out of the way and hire some adults who know how to do things. You may wish to consult with actual businesspeople rather than demonizing them.

Until then sir, stop giving orders. Use your ears to listen for once. Fix the damn problems you created. Take responsibility for your messes.

Since my request is above your pay grade, your request for special status in my life will be treated like a Tea Party application reaching your IRS personnel. Your request that I spend my money on your insurance is denied.

I will not buy your unaffordable, low-quality insurance.

Go pound sand, President Obama. Then just go.


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