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PANIC!!!! Judy Woodruff says Dems are in a panic after the election last week


The House race in Florida was supposed to go to the Democrats. They had a candidate with 100% name recognition, a candidate for Governor four years ago who carried the district. A district with a R+1 Republican advantage that President Obama carried in 2008 and 2012.

Did we mention that the Republican candidate had some baggage? How about that he wasn’t particularly well known?

Should have been a shoe in.

Alex Sink had two more things going for her. ObamaCare and immigration reform. She wanted to “fix” ObamaCare and is all for legalizing about 45 million Mexicans.

Her not-too-well-known-got-a-problem Republican took a downright Republican establishment position on both issues. Oh wait, no he didn’t.

He wants ObamaCare repealed and current immigration laws followed, no amnesty. At all.

How about them apples Mr. Boehner? Mr. McConnell? Chamber of Commerce?



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