ObamaCare is the Democrats’ latest tool for voter fraud

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We’ll bet you thought ObamaCare was just another Democrat income redistribution tool. While it’s certainly that, it’s much more important to the success of the Party than probably any initiative in US history.

A George Soros funded group, Demos, developed the strategy to use the ObamaCare website as a voter registration tool. Before we lay out their numbers, let’s look at modern election results.


Winning Margin

Votes Cast

Voter Turnout


8.4 MM




16.9 MM



GHW Bush

7.1 MM




5.8 MM




8.2 MM



GW Bush

-0.5 MM



GW Bush

3.0 MM








5.0 MM



Since Ronald Reagan, voter turnout was in the low to mid 50s, and then came the Obama turnout machine, moving turnout up about 6% higher than typical. We won’t argue here where that 6% came from, but they showed up.

Demos is looking at ObamaCare and they see up to 68 million people going through the Exchanges and because the vast majority of them will be seeking subsidized health insurance, it’s safe to assume that they will be Democrat leaning voters.

Look again at the above chart and think about what happens if Democrats register even 15 million new voters. Only Reagan’s second term margin exceeds that.

On page seven of the Demos report, Danetz ties Obamacare back to the 1993 passage of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), colloquially known as “Motor Voter” because it is the law that allowed voter registration at places like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

It’s bad enough that they’re using the Exchanges to gather personal information to be turned over to the federal government, but you can bet your last nickel that information will be routed to the latest iteration of Acorn.

It goes without saying that the Obama administration is playing with the law to pull this off. That’s how they operate.

“The law is clear,” [Gregg Phillips, the founder of the election integrity group Voters Trust] said of Motor Voter. “It states that all of this [voter registration] has to happen in an office, face-to-face with an individual.”


So, to register to vote within the confines of the Motor Voter law you have to physically go to a government office building and be face-to-face with a government employee and physically sign the registration forms.

In order to get around this requirement our Imperial President has declared that an ObamaCare Exchange is a “government office”. Combine that with the change they’ve made to the voter registration procedure and you’ve got an open invitation for fraud on a massive scale. At your local DMV, voter registration is ‘opt-in” but at the ObamaCare Exchange it is “opt-out”. In other words, the exchange takes you directly to the voter registration section where they just fill out another form as part of the ObamaCare process.

In California alone, they expect to register at least four million new voters. Again, these are people who are applying for Medicaid. You can expect states to be swamped with Medicaid applications during the sign-up periods and it’s more than likely that they’ll simply send out the voter registration confirmation instead of actually checking to see if a registrant is actually eligible to vote.

The Obama administration has been helping to facilitate a series of events nationwide at Mexican Consulate offices to enroll people in Obamacare – and a key activist says the efforts are “our responsibility” regardless of citizenship.

“Whether they’re Mexican nationals or whether they’re United States citizens or whether they’re in transition– and if they’re there it is our responsibility within all of America to educate on the Affordable Care Act,” Enroll America Field Organizer Jose Medrano told Breitbart News onny questions?

Well, I have one. Where are the Republicans on this one? And, we’ll answer our own question. They’re scared to death of being labeled as “anti-immigrant racists”.

Frankly, we’re sick of them being labeled “Republicans”.


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