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Obama on life support, CNN reports “he’s flat-lining”


It’s a media panic. No, President Obama is not in the hospital, but he probably should be. CNN is talking about the President’s latest poll numbers.

Republicans will add eight, ten, twelve, even more seats in the House and take the Senate.

Don’t break out the confetti just yet, we’d wait until January after the new Senate is sworn it. We’ve got a long haul over the next eight months, lots can happen and they don’t call Republicans “The Stupid Party” for nothing.

We will note that we don’t think there’s much chance of the President’s poll numbers reviving before the election, he’s facing pretty much a perfect storm of his own making.

  • We should know what the new insurance rates for 2015 will be in September-October. Barring a backroom deal between Democrats and the insurance companies, rates will increase dramatically.
  • Foreign policy is a joke and that won’t improve.
  • Speaking of flat-lining, the economy is stumbling and that won’t be picking up any time soon.
  • Jobs? What jobs?
  • Immigration reform? Well, if somebody can duct tape John Boehner to a radiator in the basement of the Capitol Building, we shouldn’t have too much to worry about there.
  • The War on Women? Sure, that will get yelled about, but hopefully Republicans will point out that it’s really Democrats who are waging that war.

And on and on.

If Republicans can just hold their own for the next eight months, they’ve got a good chance of taking the Senate and then we might have the opportunity to see some real fireworks – joint House/Senate investigations on Benghazi and the IRS for starters. Bills repealing or at least neutering ObamaCare. Bills on Republican priorities like a real jobs program that will give the private sector the incentive to create real jobs.

Hang in there, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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