Obama “helping” America’s black teens by holding them down

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The Usual
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Obama and the Democrats cause or exacerbate a problem. Then Obama gives some “important” flowery speech where he laments the problem that “America” (or “the rich”, or “Republicans”, but never “Democrats”) caused, and he passionately claims to care about the victims. And hey, here’s this new government program that “I” am creating to address this problem. Because “I” care. And because “I” am the only one smart enough to come up with a grand solution.

I know, right? It sounds stupid to any American with a brain. But if you’re Obama, why not do this over and over again, as long as the media whores breathlessly repeat your agitprop. So, I bring you the latest “hey look, squirrel victims!” PR campaign to distract America from his miserable economy, and from his feckless, flaccid, surrender-first American foreign policy disaster in Ukraine unfolding before our eyes.

My Brother’s Keeper
I heard the speech [Dear God was that hard to listen to], and read 4 or 5 media whore accounts of it. After filtering for buzzwords, the “I’m outraged” nonsense, pointing blame at others, and meaningless promises, there wasn’t much. Kind of like when you throw water on a big fluffy cat, and you get the little rat under all that hair, here’s My Brother’s Keeper:

  • Businesses, foundations and community groups will coordinate investments to come up with or support programs that help keep young people out of the criminal justice system and improve their access to higher education. [they used to call these “schools”, where they taught more RRR’s and less victimology…]
  • Barack issued some sort of memo creating a task force to evaluate the effectiveness of various approaches, that will lead to a “What Works” website [hopefully not built by the Obamacare website creators].

I mean, WOW! A corporate shakedown, task force, support programs, and a Web site? He’s so amazing, can’t we just make him King or something?

If he actually cared about the dignity, well-being, and future of young black men…
I doubt he actually wants to help black kids. But I’m quite certain he wants people to think he wants to help black kids. But evidence to the contrary is pretty compelling. To wit:

  • From 2009 to 2104, Obama has been trying to kill George W Bush’s wildly successful Opportunity Scholarship Program for Washington DC Schools, which has given inner city black teens an opportunity for quality education and upward mobility. Why? He sold out the kids in favor of teacher unions which supported his election bid. Republicans keep bringing it back (not that they ever get credit for it).
  • Similarly, Obama’s house boy Eric Holder has filed suit to stop Bobby Jindal’s School Choice Program in Louisiana, another program that allows black teens to escape terrible public schools. Holder’s charge? That taking black kids out of public schools would ” create a racial imbalance in public school systems protected by desegregation orders.” Are you kidding me?

Still think Obama gives a flying rats ass about America’s black teens? There’s plenty more.

  • Obama’s incessant yapping to raise minimum wage: while there’s virtually no scientific support for Global Warming, that is apparently “settled science”; but both logic and evidence are overwhelming that raising the minimum wage also pushes low-end workers out of jobs. Is that “settled science”? Why, yes it is. And who gets hit the hardest by raised minimum wages? Yes, you guessed it! Black teens and young men in entry-level jobs that are the gateway to experience and better jobs.
  • Obama’s hyper-regulatory state saps profits out of businesses, which forces them to hire fewer employees. Who is on the margin and gets hit hardest? Right again. Low end workers just getting started.
  • Obama’s ramped-up welfare state, just like LBJ’s Great Society disaster, does nothing but break up families, foster dependence on government assistance and sap the drive and energy of the lower economic classes. It does not help blacks at all. It destroys their dignity and ambition.
  • Obama’s constant efforts at inflaming racial hatred of blacks against whites, as well as the efforts of Lackeys like Holder and the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, is directly responsible for today’s relatively unreported epidemic of racist black-on-white violence. Anyone who thinks that racial hatred encourages “opportunity” for young black men, or reduces likelihood of crime and incarceration, is stupid.
  • Obama’s own lawless behavior sets a terrible example: ignoring laws, ignoring lawful procedure, rampant nepotism, flaunting his status with the constant lavish vacations, what does that teach young black men?

The formula for the government helping young black men make their way and find opportunities is simple, and it’s the same as it always was: get out of their way; ensure they have opportunities for dignity and success; give them escape opportunities from chronically terrible public schools; and quit deliberately closing doors with welfare and minimum wage hikes.

I think SCOAMF knows that. I know he cares nothing about black teens.

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