Morally Bankrupted Miley And Others Like her Won’t be Featured On “Girl Talk” Magazine

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I’m happy to see that some people “get it”.

Girl talk magazine a popular UK magazine will no longer pander smut to girls between the ages 7-12.

Despite being a regular cover star of the publication, which launched in 1995, the 21-year-old singer(Miley Cyrus) is now considered to be a poor role model for the 7-12 age group that the magazine caters for.

‘We haven’t had Miley Cyrus in the magazine for a long time because she is now too raunchy for us. When she was Hannah Montana we used to have her on the cover all the time. She was great for us, but she has changed and she has become much more sexualized.

Girl Talk, which publishes magazines twice a month want to start promoting “real” role models. Olympic athletes and yes, pop stars, but pop stars that don’t “motorboat” their fellow female dancers.

Bea Appleby, editor of the magazine, has now revealed that the new campaign, which has been called Girls Are Amazing, will feature more responsible role models such as Taylor Swift and Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton.

‘We need to show there are lots of other interesting women out there doing interesting things, who aren’t trading on their looks and who are valued for something other than how they look.

article-2589469-16E40699000005DC-557_634x718 (1)‘We uphold certain standards where we don’t talk about anything to do with sex. We don’t talk about boys. We are very much about female friendship.’

Speaking about the magazine, Miss Appleby said delivering content for pre-teenage girls came with a lot of responsibility in preparing them for their teenage years.

‘We have always tried to protect the development of young girls, making sure that they don’t grow up too early, but our survey results have revealed that this is not enough.

‘We have a duty to show our readers different ways of being a girl and not just one narrow ideal. We want to encourage them to achieve and break away from limiting and old-fashioned beliefs about what girls can do.

Within the magazine we will have a much broader range. We will have features on sports stars, and businesswomen, and if it works we will have stars like Jessica Ennis on the cover.’

‘If early on we can give them a sense that there are lots of things that women can do that are worthwhile other than being pretty and attractive, then hopefully that will stick with them as they get older.

‘We can give them a foundation so that when they get to their teenage years they have already started thinking about how they can be a chemical engineer.

In this day and age it is refreshing to see a magazine realize they have a responsibility to the children they are selling to.

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