About that minimum wage and ObamaCare, here’s what’s really going to happen

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President Obama and the Democrats have decided that the minimum wage will be their class warfare issue for this election. That and, of course, the infamous “war on women” that the Evil Koch Brothers are paying for.

Well, like most things the Democrats believe, it just ain’t so. Here’s the CEO who turned Bennigan’s around from a restaurant chain going under to a profitable business that employs thousands of people in all kinds of jobs.

Mr. Manlemele makes a number of points. First, the minimum wage hike is going to hurt business and it will hurt most the people it’s designed to help because they won’t have jobs. Second point is that ObamaCare is hammering business and it’s also hurting those at the low end of the economic scale because their hours are being cut back and the cost of health insurance has gone up from 32% to over 50% in most markets because of ObamaCare.

Back to the minimum wage, over 500 economists have come out against increasing the minimum wage.

Over 500 economists signed an open letter to the White House and Congress urging them to reject a federal minimum wage increase.

The list, which included four Nobel laureates and several veterans of past administrations, warned the minimum wage hike would cause economic damage.

“One of the serious consequences of raising the minimum wage is that business owners saddled with a higher cost of labor will need to cut costs, or pass the increase to their consumers in order to make ends meet. Many of the businesses that pay their workers minimum wage operate on extremely tight profit margins, with any increase in the cost of labor threatening this delicate balance,” read the letter.

In other news, strident Obama supporters who operate big businesses, and who the President frequently calls on for economic advise, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett have all come out against President Barack Obama’s push to raise the minimum wage.

When restaurants have to pay servers significantly more not only will the talent pool shrink and eliminate those without experience, restaurants will automate the function.

Customers at D-Dog House in Brickell aren’t greeted by a waiter. Nor do they step up to a counter like in a fast-food restaurant.

Instead, each table is equipped with an iPad, from which customers can order their food with no human intervention.

Waiters confirm orders with customers, bring the food from the kitchen when it’s ready, and are available to accept payment and help customers who need it. But customers can enter and leave the eatery with little interaction with a human employee.

If this technology is widely adopted, it has the potential to drastically cut labor costs at many restaurants — and put many waiters out of work.

Sean Raee, owner of D-Dog House, said he has fewer servers because of the iPads.

Raise the minimum wage and you’ll not only be ordering fast food on a touch screen, an automated machine will be cooking your burger. Amazon, and every other firm involved in large scale distribution is reducing costs using warehouse robots and Amazon is working on delivery drones.


Bottom line, if you’re a minimum wage – or close – worker and people are hustling you to vote Democrat or join a union because you’re going to be making $15 per hour, you should think about the hard reality of life. Minimum wage goes up and you, and hundreds of thousands of people like you, are going to be replaced by robots.

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