Milwaukee Sheriff: Liberal Policies Have Destroyed Black Families

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Sheriff David Clarke, the chief law enforcement officer in Milwaukee, has made a name for himself for being an outspoken advocate of conservative principles.

He’s gone after liberal gun-grabbers in Washington, warning that he would refuse to participate in any attempt to disarm the citizenry, and even went so far as to say that there would be a Second American Revolution should there be any attempt by the feds to confiscate arms.

As an African-American man, he’s now going after liberals for their social and economic policies, which have hurt black families for decades.  In particular, their racial approach to discipline in public education like what we’re seeing out of Holder’s DOJ is sending young black students the wrong message.

He wrote a brilliant op-ed in the Washington Times, arguing that it’s time for blacks to stand up and refuse to let Uncle Sam raise their kids, which is exactly what liberals are trying to do with their big-government programs.

He writes:

The latest attempt by liberals to help black people is underway in our K-12 urban public schools.

These do-gooders are now defining down socially acceptable behavior for black students in school. Bad behavior is being excused and attempts to hold black kids accountable by enforcing codes of conduct are called racist.

Having a sense of discipline has always been considered a virtue, a redeeming quality, but now its roots are claimed to lie in racism.

This is exactly what Eric Holder is doing through race-based punishments in school.  He’s literally threatening to sue schools who don’t punish black and white kids the same amount, even if the two races don’t break the rules at the same rates.

It’s a philosophical trend that’s becoming mainstream among liberal educators.  Clarke continues:

The white superintendent of the Madison public schools believes that “we need to address head-on our racial bias and the assumptions we make of students who are in the classroom.”

Really? Where I come from, bad behavior has always been unacceptable and is codified not by race but by societal norms to keep chaos from reigning.

For Clarke, bad behavior is the result of poor parenting, and this has been perpetuated by liberals attempting to make the government take over the parenting role.

What these race provocateurs do not want to admit is the reason we are seeing more disruptive behavior in schools is because of poor and ineffective parenting,manifested by liberal policies.

There is a government program today for everything in the black community that used to be the responsibility of the individual, such as parenting. Because of this system, many parents have abdicated what is their most important responsibility and turned it over to the government.

Uncle Sam is now raising their kids.

We take kids out of the home with early childhood education programs, and the government feeds them breakfast, lunch and dinner, and provides after-school programs.

Who needs parents in the black community anymore?

These white liberal policies have destroyed black culture and the black family, which was once a foundation of the entire black community, according to Clarke.

White liberal social policies have become the new racism in America.

According to liberal orthodoxy, no one is accountable anymore — except for conservatives, of course. Conservatives get blamed for all the failed liberal initiatives that were designed to help black folks.

Notice how Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin received the dreaded R-word clubbing by the left when he pointed out in his 50-year review report how the failed anti-poverty initiatives started by liberals to help blacks have instead made their lives worse.

Every attempt liberals have made to help black people, with their reliance on government-centered public-policy ideas, has worsened their lot in life.

The family structure, once a foundation of the black community pre-1960, is in shambles. More black children grow up without a stable father in their lives as black men have been estranged from their children and emasculated by welfare policies.

On top of that, more black people are living in poverty than ever before, our kids are chained to failing urban schools and more young black men are unemployed and in jail and prison. Liberal public policies and ideology have fostered this. […]

Liberals call their ideology compassionate. I call it hateful.

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