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Meet the left’s new ‘protected class’ — convicted criminals


Liberals are like the 6-year-old who walks into the family kitchen carrying a dead rat and announcing his plans to adopt it as a new pet. The only difference is that by age 7 or 8, most children learn that rats and anything dead make lousy pets. Liberals, by contrast, are always looking for something disgusting to drag through the door.

Their latest bizarre object of liberal affection is convicts. No less a dead rat lover than Attorney General Eric Holder recently delivered a blistering attack against states with “felony disenfranchisement laws … still on the books.” In other words the nation’s top cop thinks that convicted felons make great voters.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo likewise has a soft spot for prison inmates. He recently announced that New York taxpayer dollars will be used to send prisoners to college. (Well, pay their tuition at any rate. Most of them have a 24-hour curfew seven days a week.)



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