The longest 15 seconds of Barack Obama’s life…

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Oh, how very far we’ve come. If Barack Obama hasn’t learned anything else in the last six years he’s learned that reality is a bitch.

Here was the soon to be Nobel Laureate standing before the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in 2008. The same place that Ronald Reagan stood and challenged Mr. Gorbachev to “take down this wall”.

The crowd chanting Obama! Obama! Obama!

The soon to be elected President encouraging the world to come together to save the land, hoping that the US would have the same seriousness of purpose as Germany, reducing the carbon that is sent into the atmosphere, and to give our children back their future.

Just six years later, the President’s environmental initiatives have done nothing more than line the pockets of his major contributors and bundlers. In fact, the US has reduced it’s carbon emissions – the only country in the world to do so – because of natural gas that comes from fracking, a procedure the Obama administration is steadfastly opposed to. And the initiatives that caused the natural gas boom have come from the work done by the evil twins, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Germany, on the other hand, is shutting down their green initiatives, solar and wind power are both a bust and the cost of electricity in Germany is about three times the US cost. The reason? Germany depended on solar and wind, the US drilled – only on private lands, the Obama administration has blocked all drilling on public lands – for gas and used fracking.

As far as giving our children back their future, progressive policies in Education, supported by many Establishment Republicans, have put our children over $1 trillion in debt with student loans that paid for college degrees, many of which are manifestly useless. Young people right out of college, first time home buyers, used to account for about 45% of the US housing market. Today, because of their student loan debt, they make up less than 35% and that is attributable to student loans.

Never mind the job killing policies of the Obama administration, from ObamaCare to the War on Coal, this recovery is by far the weakest recovery in history, generating only about one-third of the economic growth of the average post-recession recovery.

Finally, then Senator and now President Obama has doubled the national debt, we’re currently close to $18 trillion and he’s done absolutely nothing to rein in government spending. Those children he was so concerned about are saddled with an enormous debt that won’t go away.


Hell of a job sparky.

Well, maybe some people are noticing. The President spoke at a press conference in Belgium this week and check the response.

No more Obama! Obama! Obama! Just the sound of one hand clapping.

We must say that was a well deserved response. Oh, and Mr. President, six years after Ronald Reagan stood at the Gate, the Wall was gone. You’re no Ronald Reagan.

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