The little President who cried, ‘I didn’t know’

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Scandal after scandal and all he says is, “I didn’t know.” The lefties have snickered into their hands as time after time their leader repeats the manta like one of the stoned morons at one of his campaign rallies chanting, “Yes we can”. But now that the FBI has unleashed a wave of arrests on politicians with a D after their name, from Charlotte, NC Mayor Patrick Cannon and Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to California State Senator Leland Yee, I think we conservatives all owe Mr. Obama an apology.

We accused him of lying about not knowing about all the scandals within his administration and never stopped to consider that it might be true.

Now with the luxury of retrospect, let’s take a look back at where we made our mistake.

Start with the prerequisite knowledge and experience he brought into the office. That should have been our first clue that the man didn’t know what was going on. He probably didn’t even know that half of these entities even existed. A good portion of those who’s existence he was aware of were complete mysteries to him. He probably couldn’t have told you the difference between the NSA and the CIA. Yet when he said he didn’t know that the democrat party within the IRS was targeting conservative groups illegally, we found that very hard to believe. When he said he didn’t know that a veritible tidal wave of money was being wasted on a government website that turned out to be useless, we found that very hard to believe.

However, now we know he couldn’t have known that the FBI was investigating widespread corruption and anti-American activity within the Democrat party, or we wouldn’t be hearing about it. He would have stopped it. He would have fired everybody from the top down if that’s what it took to stop it. He simply didn’t know.

We should still be mad at him for having the audacity to make himself a candidate for the highest office in the land when he knew he wasn’t qualified to run a convenience store. We should still be mad at him for lecturing us about taking care of our fellow Americans while his blood-brother lives in poverty in Africa. We should still be mad at him for using his race card 30 years after it expired. Yes, there are plenty of reasons for America to be angry at Barak Hussein Obama, but not knowing isn’t one of them. He really doesn’t know anything about anything that’s going on. He really believed it when they told him it would be a gravy job where he could hang out with celebrities, play golf, and fly around the world acting important. He really believed it when they told him they would take care of everything.

So, today while you’re sending out a silent apology into the universe for Barak Obama, use your hand to stifle your snicker if you happen to think of the democrats being burned by their once favorite quote from their once favorite puppet — “I didn’t know.”

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