Libya Threatens to Bomb Tanker if it Loads Oil at a ‘Rebel Held’ Port

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Libyan prime minister Ali Zeidan has given orders to arrest the crew of a Maltese flagged oil tanker. He has said that if it attempts to leave Libya with oil loaded at the rebel held port of Sidra he will have it bombed.

The Morning Glory is Maltese flagged, but that is suspected of being a flag of convenience. Lybia is convinced the ship is owned and operated by North Korea even though expert analysts have said that is unlikely.

A Libyan navy ship, the Ibn Auf, fired warning shots across the Morning Glory as militants were loading the first barrels onto the ship. The as yet un-named owners complained that the shots were fired when the Morning Glory was in international waters.

Oil production has slowed since rebel protests started just over 18 months ago. Libya is an OPEC producer, and the slowdown has drastically affected government revenue.

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