Kansas Says “NO” To Plan Parenthood

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This makes me very happy. Abortion, or what I call legal murder is disgusting and has nothing to do with the so called “war on women”. We need more states to stand up and do what is right!

An appeals court has overturned a federal judge’s order that forced Kansas to keep funding two family planning clinics despite a state law aimed at stripping a Planned Parenthood chapter of federal money.

At issue in Tuesday’s ruling is money distributed to states under Title X, a federally financed family planning program. A Kansas law requires the state to first allocate the Title X money to public health departments and hospitals, which leaves no funds for specialty family planning clinics like Planned Parenthood.

The way I see it, ultimately I will be judged for my actions or in-actions when it comes to the un-born. I refuse to be a conservative that won’t fight for the unborn because it may not be politically advantageous.

H/T kake.com

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