I have HAD IT

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I have HAD IT

Please…please let me go on a rant. Because every single day, living under this regime, is an outrage.

The Malaysian jet thingy – yeah! Like no one could see that coming! I’ve been warning about something like this for going on…let’s see, 9/11 was in 2001…at least 13 years! And I am just a minnow…no, plankton…in a HUGE OCEAN. I am not saying that all Muslims are like that, and I sympathize with the devout (being a persecuted Christian American in the United States), but Islam has become an international theo-political cult. The people sucked into this cult, involuntarily or because they’ve been indoctrinated, are dead set on conquering the world for Allah, and they will use violence or any other tool at their disposal to get there. Ever heard of taqiyya?

Our culture is rotten.

I read a story the other day about a 10-year old girl who needed a training bra. Her older sister took her shopping and the bras available for that age group were mostly something like push-ups in leopard print. This is a ten year old girl for crying out loud. She’s a child. You know what? If I was a kid growing up right now in the United States of America, I would think that life revolves around sex and health insurance.

Way to go, America.

And you hypocrites In Hollywood. With your kids messed up because you named them “Apple.” You are always on trends about “more misfortunate” people, you don’t have a CLUE. So self-absorbed and CLUELESS. You claim to have the best interest of the children in your heart but by what you dish out, as “entertainment,” you commit child abuse. Every. Single. Day.

Have any of you noticed the salaciousness of commercials lately? Not all of them, thank God most companies still have some class and dignity. But there are a couple…a few?…That are painfully injecting soft-porn into my living room, with no warning. I’ll be watching PG show (for a reason, I shun anything over PG-13) and an R-rated commercial will come on. With no warning. And don’t get me started about how this affecting our young people again.

Adults in my generation are so selfish. We want what we want and to hell with anything else.

Once a generation becomes so absorbed with their own desires, at the expense of the next generation…I think the younger folks have a real reason to be very…revolutionary.

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