‘A Hero’s Welcome’ Almost didn’t happen…

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Recently uncovered email show that the Hero’s Welcome commercial that now has more than 9 million views, just about never happened.  Foreign Policy magazine reported:

The ad could have violated military regulations barring actual or implied endorsement of non-federal entities, as well as Army anti-alcohol policies.

The emails show:

Multiple Army officials expressing concern about the beer company’s motives through months of the development of the commercial.

They go on the say:

Budweiser first requested Army assistance for an ad to run on Dec. 10, “National Lager Day,” but that request was denied.

Finally, just a few days before the Super Bowl:

The office of Defense Secretary Charles Hagel and the Army’s top public affairs officer, Brig. Gen. Gary Volesky, approved the advertisement.

If that hadn’t happened, Budweiser would have been forced to run the puppy commercial (over 49 million views) in an endless loop…

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