Happy Hillary Thinking About Presidency Not Benghazi

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Is there a difference between Jane Fonda and Hillary Clinton?

Both are responsible for the death and pain of Americans and American soldiers. At one point and time they have both made excuses for their actions. Hillary her self said “what does it matter now!?”

Here is one difference: Jane went on to become queen of aerobics and Hillary wants to be KING, so she can hurt more Americans.

The former Secretary of State was answering questions at a Clinton Global Initiative University forum, chaired by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. When asked if she was going to run for President she said “I’m obviously thinking about all kinds of decisions.” Wink Wink Nod Nod…

Her 2 BIG issues? 1) Empowering young people to vote. (because at that age a lot of young people are more interested in who is going to give them more free stuff from the government)

2) Hillary says ‘I’m hoping there will be this mass movement that demands political change, that makes what public officials do on dealing with carbon emissions … a voting issue,’ (Let me break that down for you. She is saying she wants to be Al Gore and use the EPA as an Iron Fist!)

Personally I will pray and work to make sure Hillary does not have the opportunity to Hurt America or kill more troops! Will you?

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