Green Berets Open Letter On The Second Amendment

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The Green Berets, the US Army Special Forces, have a new open letter on the Second Amendment. Over 1100 have signed so far.

In the US Army, it is no secret that the Uniform Code of Military Justice(UCMJ), United States Code (USC titles 10, 2, and 18), Department of Defense (DOD) directives, and strict Military Guidelines limit, if not forbid, military active duty personnel from taking a political stand. They can face Court Marshal, Dishonorable Discharge, Article 15 non-judicial punishment, and even jail time.

They also have a fine line to walk. Their very oath, the oath I swore in 1992, does not have an expiration date and demands that we defend the US Constitution against ALL ENEMIES both foreign and domestic.  In 2013, and continuing today, these men are seeing an ever growing threat inside our nation. Therefore when the very fabric of our nation and the Second Amendment of the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights is threatened, these brave 1100 (and the list is growing) have stepped up to the plate to put career on the line to defend the very oath they swore. The first step to defending that oath was taken in the form of an open letter to the people of the United States. They continue to sign.

While I realize the letter is long, it has many points that hit the mark a little close to home here state side. Everyone should read this. We should all be concerned about our Constitution and the Amendments.

Click here to read the full text of the letter.

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