Government spy gear maker gets mad when legally spied upon

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By Dustin Hurst│

How’s this for irony: A company that produces equipment used to spy on cell phones by at least one police department is totally uncomfortable with people spying on their business operations.

Now, do we laugh or cry about this revelation?

Earlier this month, Florida Watchdog reported that a Florida police department is using a device known as a “Stingray” to tap certain cell phones. From the story:

Stingrays are small mobile devices that trick cell phones into connecting to them as if they were cell phone towers. The technology gives police the ability to track phone movements and intercept both phone calls and text messages of any cell phone within range.

Two interested citizens saw the Florida Watchdog story and decided to turn the tables on the company, which is based in Melbourne, Florida. What ensues is pretty funny. Take a look:

We should note that the two citizens broke no laws and were more forthright and upfront about their spying than the Tallahassee Police Department, which has used the Stingray technology without warrants.

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