GOP: Obama slashing Medicare breaking more promises

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Bill Johnson (R-OH) responds to President Obama with the GOP Weekly Address. Republicans need hammer Democrats on ObamaCare every time they stand in front of a camera or talk to a reporter about anything.

This election needs to be about ObamaCare, jobs, ObamaCare, jobs, and ObamaCare, and jobs.

There are no other issues.


“Because of Obamacare, many seniors enrolled in the popular Medicare Advantage program are paying higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Many are losing access to their physicians. And many more will, unless the president takes action.”

“More than 794,000 seniors in Ohio rely on Medicare Advantage, That’s hundreds of thousands of broken promises in waiting in just one state.”

“Older Americans deserve better. They deserve the benefits they were promised, If the president won’t help us repeal this law in its entirety, he ought to step up here, do the right thing, and protect our seniors.”

English: President Barack Obama, Vice Presiden...
English: President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and senior staff, react in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, as the House passes the health care reform bill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Democrats have been using Medicare cuts as a campaign talking point for at least a generation. “Republicans want to do away with your Medicare!!!” Well, now we’re seeing real cuts to Medicare, both in Medicare Advantage and in Democrats refusing to vote on the “Doc Fix” which lowers Medicare payments to doctors and drives them out of the market.

While we support privatization of Medicare based on an age cutoff, we don’t support the hypocrisy of Democrats on the issue. The elimination of the Doc Fix, which has passed every Congress and been signed by every President since the last “reform” of Medicare, will push huge numbers of doctors out of the marketplace and restrict care for millions of seniors. This one change will make “you can keep your doctor” with respect to ObamaCare look like a truthful statement.

If Republicans campaign on ANY issues but ObamaCare and the economy – specifically jobs – they are brain-dead stupid.


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