Drugged out, whored out screwups: 2014 Academy Awards recap

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As Vladimir Putin threatens to engulf Ukraine in a ball of fire, a bunch of drugged out, whored out screwups gave each other awards in Hollywood.

The movie “12 years a slave” is about the American people from 2009-2021 if Hillary Clinton succeeds Barack Obama.

The “Wolf of Wall Street” is about Hollywood entertainment industry parasites bashing greedy, egotistical rich people provided they are not Hollywood entertainment industry parasites.

The movie “Son of God” was ineligible for a nomination once President Obama and his Hollywood media supporters discovered it was not the Trayvon Martin story.

Hollywood patriotism occurs at Academy Awards after-parties, where the red carpet gives way to white powder and blue livers.

Americans who spent Sunday night watching reruns of the 2014 Super Bowl and Daytona 500 on Tivo witnessed awards be given based on merit.

This concludes terrible people celebrating their behaving terribly, otherwise known as the 2014 Oscars. Good riddance.


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