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A Colorado reporter shows the Washington Press Corpse how to ask about ObamaCare


This clip shows Jay Carney being cornered by a lowly local reporter from Colorado. He’s been in front of Carney before because he notes, at the outset, “the last time I asked you a question you didn’t answer it”. Enjoy the skewering…

He prefaces his question by noting that the Democrats passed ObamaCare facing overwhelming poll numbers that said the American people didn’t want it and with a personal shot at Harry Reid when he notes that “the President said you could keep your plan and I know that’s not true because my wife lost hers”.

“We don’t get here very often…” Honestly, you’re not likely to get asked back.

Jay Carney is a dissembling liar. “Do you want quality, affordable health insurance or do you want the insurance company to tell you that you can’t get coverage because of the fine print…” referring to the demon of “pre-existing conditions”.

The pre-existing condition argument made by Democrats is a chain of lies. Forbes deconstructed that argument in just a few words.

According to the latest Census Bureau data, 309 million Americans have health insurance. Of these 4 percent are covered by directly purchased insurance alone. The remaining 96 percent are covered by government or company insurance or some combination. Government health insurance does not allow discrimination based on preexisting conditions. Company insurance typically does not either, insofar as the risk pool is already incorporated in the premiums, and there are portability requirements in moving from company to company.

Thus 12 million people purchased private direct purchased health insurance on the eve of Obama Care. Insurance industry studies show that one in eight applicants for private health insurance have preexisting conditions that affect their eligibility or premiums. This gives a total of 1.5 million Americans who were denied health insurance or paid higher premiums due to pre-existing conditions.

One point-five-million people are impacted because of a pre-existing condition. So the Democrats took over one-sixth of the US economy to “fix” a problem effecting 0.48% of the population. As for the other 99.52% of Americans, our insurance premiums have gone down an average of $2,500 per year increased by an average of 23% according to the Manhattan Institute.

–Average rates will rise in 81% of the 300 age and sex categories, and go down in 19%.

–For all categories in all states, the average increase comes out to 22.8%, with rates going from $268.33 to $329.44 a month, up $61.10. The median increase is just under 32%.

So, on average, consumers with ObamaCare policies saw their insurance cost go up an average of $733.20 vs. the President’s claim of a $2,500 drop. Today, that has only impacted those in the private insurance marketplace because the hit to group plans was delayed until next year by The Imperial President. New pricing on group plans should be out in September/October of this year.

November is a time to exact revenge on the people who’ve been lying to you for the last half-dozen years about this mess called ObamaCare. Republicans need to take back the US Senate and grind this administration to a halt.

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