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Obama administration now classified as “PRANKSTER”. Thank you Mr. Putin, Number One Imperialistic Dictator, for telling it like it is! My personal definition may be a little less PC when I say, simply, that Obama is a JOKE!!! Of course, the truth is there is no difference, only a matter of semantics.

For a little perspective on the current state of international affairs that hold monumental consequences for the future of this globe let us revisit a scene just a few short decades ago: the confrontation of then U.S. President Reagan and the USSR Czar “Mr. Khrushchev”. Let’s see, I was young then, perhaps in my late twenties or early thirties and uninvolved in politics, especially worldwide matters of importance! BUT, I do recall President Reagan having the balls to tell Mr. Khrushchev to “TEAR DOWN THE WALL”. As I recall, the Czar did not take kindly to President Reagan’s demands and in one confrontation became so angry that he proceeded to beat the hell out of the table at which he was sitting.

Oh what a difference true leadership makes. Reagan displayed strength and insisted on freedom; Obama apologizes for America’s strength and tells today’s dictator that he will be more accommodating. Under Reagan the wall came down and the USSR dissolved; under Obama Crimea falls and Obama’s reaction is considered a joke!

Makes one wonder if Mr. Putin can get the USSR rebuilt during the remaining Obama tenure. Any one care to place a bet??

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