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THIS Belongs on the Cover of Rolling Stone


I’m usually not tremendously affected by the news.  I’ve been around for a while and I’ve seen a lot of images come across my screen.  But when I saw a photo today of a little 8 year old girl smiling bravely while standing on her new prosthetic leg, my eyes welled up when I realized it was Jane Richard, the little girl who had her leg blown off while attending the Boston Marathon about a year ago.


When I was reminded that this little angel also lost her little brother that day, I was completely overcome with emotion for her and her family.  I will not mention the name of the person responsible for committing the evil act that destroyed Jane’s childhood that day, and I will not even refer to him by any of the nicknames the media uses for him.

I will, however, mention the names of the rags that featured glamor shots of him on their covers.  Rolling Stone in August of 2013.  The New York Times on May 5, 2013.  Now, any American with any sense knows that those publications are nothing but communist propaganda, and I’ve already heard all the twisted logic and justification from every degenerate from every gutter in America, so stuff it.

Those publications gave an evil man exactly what he wanted, but what did they give to Jane Richard?  Did Rolling Stone even send her a card asking her what her favorite band is?  Did they arrange for her to meet Justin Bieber or anything?  Did the New York Times solicit donations for a scholorship fund for her?  Did they do anything except spit in her face by publishing photos of her attacker that were reminiscent of the Best of the Doors album cover?  If they did, I never heard about it, but I sure saw that terrorist’s photo just about everywhere I went for a while.

Rolling Stone, New York Times, if anyone there has any decency at all, quit working there, but before you do, use whatever power you might wield there to brighten up one of Jane Richard’s days.  I can’t imagine what kind of dreams she must have at night, but I’m sure there are some dreams she has in the day time that she could use some help with.

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