Wheeeeeere’s Johnny?

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johnny-carson-sizedWho will be heir to the Johnny Carson throne?

Won’t be Letterman and boy is he angry. Was never gonna be Conan – he got hip-checked, or should I say “chin-checked” out of the way by Leno – who still might sit there one day…

Fallon? Pa-lease. Craig Ferguson? Funniest monologues on late-night if you ask this guy, but no. Seth.. oh my word, he’s such a lefty – he’ll last five seconds before they stick him over on MSNBC or worse… Drum roll please:

It’s Jimmy Kimmel I have my money on. Leno might land on Fox or CNN and give everyone a scare by jumping out of the conservative closet with both feet, but his audience is too old.

ED: “I hold in my hand, the last card…”
CARNAC: “… May a desert crab check you for a hernia..”

When we were ten we watched Johnny Carson and so did our parents. Johnny brought the generations together and Jay can’t. At least not on late night television.

Of course there’s always the trump card Greg Gutfeld:

I truly believe he speaks for a generation of conservatives and young people especially will dig his libertarian bent. Greg is not just funny – he’s nutty and sarcastic in a way that makes me laugh like I used to laugh at Letterman when he had his daytime talk show.

lettermanBack in the day, Letterman didn’t give a crap about what people thought – he only cared about making the guy in the back of the club laugh. That was me – laughing my ass off at stupid pet tricks and stuff getting run over by a steamroller or dropped off a 5-story building. Stupid, clever, sarcastic, insightful, funny. Money.

Gutfeld could do it, but I don’t see CNN having the balls to take a chance on him and Fox wouldn’t be stupid enough to destroy The Five by taking him off or dividing his time, so…


It’s Kimmel – and not by default. Kimmel is really funny and likeable and real. And guess what? I think the guy is coming out of the “he’s one of us” closet. Check it out:

Dave’s mom!

Before I continue I gotta say, I didn’t mean to dis Fallon – the guy is really hysterical and Letterman is my hero even though he got so angry. He doesn’t care about fame or fortune – he just wants the Carson throne and that’s all he ever wanted. But the whole Sarah Palin thing? C’mon Dave, she’s a grandmother and a really nice person. Remember when you used to have your mom on the show all the time? – pick a different target..

I don’t get Jay Leno, but that’s why they make red cars and blue hairs – I mean, cars. NBC had to fire him because he was dissing their guy Obama, and they don’t want to get audited like the Tea Party, conservatives, Christians and anybody else working against the Administration. Why else do you fire a guy bringing in more money than Seinfeld circa 1998? Idiots.

Seth is a putz. Conan is awesomely funny but I don’t want to see a tsunami of red hair before 12am. TBS is creepy, I can’t explain it and neither can Conan I bet. Is Arsenio2.0 still on? I hope not. Who am I forgetting? Guess that doesn’t matter, does it?

King Kimmel. Stay tuned.


Rodney Lee Conover is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 8th District of California.

He was a writer for the Rush Limbaugh Show, a conservative stand-up comic for 12 years entertaining people throughout the world, a talk-show host on SiriusXM for eight years and most recently, writer for Herman Cain’s 2012 Presidential campaign.

Rodney Lee is running to stop ObamaCare, Amnesty, Common Core, deficit spending, the denial of American’s civil RLCFOOTER1liberties, the contempt for the Separation of Powers and will take on all who would destroy the greatest nation on earth.

He lives in Hesperia, CA with his father, nephews and “Jack” the campaign Whippet.

Why am I running against Paul Cook?

Rodney Lee believes the House of Representatives “the People’s House” as the framers referred to this branch of government, has not just the authority of the Constitution – but the duty – to not just originate legislation, but to defund onerous bills that are passed against the will of the people.

Our current majority has failed in that capacity and those guilty of not voting the way they campaigned; need to be removed and replaced by true conservatives, who represent the people in their districts – in this case – the 8th District of California.


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