Why wasn’t this classified a ‘hate crime?’

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I am no longer amazed at the blatant double standard in America when it comes to black on white crimes. A case that should have been clearly labeled a hate crime has received national attention is being forgotten — because as usual, the liberal media gave it little coverage.

In September of 2012, white University of Minnesota student Colton Gleason was walking with friends in St. Cloud when a car pulled up, and Jesse Smithers got out and punched him. The single punch killed Gleason.

The 18-year-old Smithers was sentenced to 10 years in jail. He originally entered a plea of not guilty but changed it to second-degree murder. Appearing in court Thursday, Smithers apologized for what he called a “complete accident.”

But Colton’s mother, Julie, disputes this claim. “Somebody didn’t just run over and hit a car and provoke an attack,” Julie said. “This was an attack that was meant to happen.” Colton’s father, John, believes his son was the victim of a deadly “knockout game.”

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