UPDATED: New Reports Flight 702 Hijacking


Photo of the Boeing 767 (reg ET-AMF) that could be possibly hi-jacked as flight ETH702 – Photo: Fabrice Clerc | Flicker CC

Photo of the Boeing 767 (reg ET-AMF) that could be possibly hi-jacked as flight ETH702 – Photo: Fabrice Clerc | Flicker CC

Amazing how media has evolved: Sunday night, Ethiopian Airlines flight 702 from Addis Ababa to Rome was hijacked and landed in Geneva after nearly running out of fuel. The mainstream media still isn’t reporting on it at all. Twitter was a better newswire than anything else tonight.

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UPDATE February 17, 12:55am-

As of last check, flight monitoring services indicate that Ethiopian Airlines flight 702 is “on time” in the air from Rome to Milan. However, precise location tracking information available via FlightRadar24.com (see photo) shows that ET702 is on the ground in Geneva, after flying in a series of holding patterns. The aircraft’s transponder began squawking 7500, a universal indication of a hijacking before it diverted from its planned route to Rome.

Reports filtering through on Twitter from Geneva’s air traffic control say that Ethiopian Airlines flight 702 was “bingo fuel,” which means not empty, but dangerously low upon landing. Also, it’s being said that the Geneva tower has closed the airport and surrounding airspace.

Upon coming to a stop at the far end of the Geneva airfield, it is being reported that the pilots have attempted to evacuate themselves from the aircraft by climbing through their cockpit windows.

According to more data obtained from FlightRadar24.com. the flight was being operated by a Boeing 767-3BG(ER) aircraft. And information obtained from the manufacturer of the aircraft, Boeing, indicates that their 767 family of aircraft can seat between 181 and 245 passengers depending on layout. No word yet on how many passengers and crew on board.

The latest word on the reason for the hijacking is regarding asylum requests which are at this point reportedly not being granted.

Read more at GenFringe.com where you can expect this story to continue developing.


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