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Unions are attacking Texas Rick Perry welcomes them


Liberals have decided that it’s time for Texas to be a Blue State and they’ve sent in all the troops, including the unions.

So far they’ve got OFA boots on the ground represented by Battleground Texas. What they didn’t count on was James O’Keefe showing up and having the Battleground Texas folks tell him – on camera – that they were all working together with Wendy Davis’ campaign and they’re breaking a whole bunch of election laws in the process.

It looks like things could get interesting because Texas Lt. Governor is asking for an investigation by Texas Attorney General. The fun part is that the AG is one Gregg Abbott who happens to be the Republican candidate for Governor, running against Wendy Davis.

We’re pretty confident that the unions are going to do nothing more than spend lots of Democrat money in Texas in a futile effort to organize Texas workers. Texas is a right-to-work state and workers do not have to join unions and business owners have the right to do just about whatever it takes to keep the unions out.

Do not expect to see headlines about a rash of union victories in Red Texas.

And don’t expect to see Wendy Davis sworn in as the next Governor of Texas.


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