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The UAW is still whining about the VW loss


As you know, the UAW really took a big hit last week when they lost the vote to unionize the VW plant in Tennessee.  We celebrated.

In case you missed it, automobile manufacturing is alive and well and growing in the US.  The reason you might not know that is because the only “news” the major media touts relates to the hard times the UAW is having in Detroit.  Hard times that they were complicit, with GM primarily, in causing.

Michigan is losing auto manufacturing jobs on a routine basis, but those jobs are being replace by even more auto manufacturing jobs, the new ones just happen to be in the South.

The UAW has been desperate to break into a non-union plant anywhere in the South and they thought they had it done last week at VW.  The company is very union friendly and actually provided the UAW free access to the plant and to employees contact information.  The UAW spent upwards of $30 million on this organizing effort.

They lost.  Now they’re doing what Democrats do, they’re pointing their fingers at Republicans and accusing them of being racists.  Really.  The UAW is blaming Sen. Bob Corker for saying that if the plant goes union VW won’t expand.  Heh.

The UAW accuses Corker of “intimidation”.  Heh.  The UAW is a thug union top to bottom and they even had President Obama making speeches about how important it was for VW workers to accept the union.

You can count this as a big win for Tennessee workers, you can also count it as a big zero for the UAW, for Democrats whose money comes from unwilling union members, and for President Obama.

Couldn’t happen to a better bunch.

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