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The Super Bowl Ads


We look forward every year to the Super Bowl ads. We don’t much care about football – how can we, we live in Phoenix – but we do find the ads to be an enlightening snapshot of our culture.

We thought the Super Bowl ads were eh? Our favorites were the two Budweiser ads, and we don’t even drink beer. There is no better producer of television advertising than Budweiser, year after year they produce heart tugging winners.

With respect to this run down, we liked the Cheerios ad because we love puppies and that little girl obviously has her heart in the right place. We also liked it because it drove the nutballs at MSNBC way over the edge.

Seinfeld was dumb.

Axe was dumb.

We grew up with Bob Dylan, hated him in the 60s, hated him in the 70s, forgot about him in the 80s, and can find no reason to find him today. Yeech.

If you want the good ads, and The Curmudgeon knows good ads,

Budweiser Puppy Ad. It’s got everything. Attractive guy (so says Mrs. Curmudgeon), attractive girl (doesn’t hold a candle to Mrs. Curmudgeon), Clysdales, and an adorable puppy.

Budweiser Coming Home Ad. We’re a Marine Corps family. There is absolutely nothing better than coming home and Bud outdid themselves on this one. We may break down and have a beer.

The story behind Coming Home. Have Kleenex. Think about what these folks are saying.

The best Budweiser ad ever. The 911 tribute. It was run only one time.


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