School under fire for holding party exclusively for top students

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SILVER SPRINGS, Md. – One Maryland Fox news station is investigating a middle school pizza party because some students weren’t invited, while others were rewarded with pizza, pop, games and dancing.

Eastern-MIddle-School“Doesn’t that seem wrong?” Fox 5 reporter Karen Grey Houston exclaimed when one student who received straight A’s said he was invited for pizza, pop and other activities for his accomplishments.

Houston was apparently appalled that students with straight A’s were invited to a dance that started in 7th period, the last class of the day, at Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, while students who received B’s and C’s only received pop and weren’t invited to attend until after school.

Hundreds of students who received lesser grades weren’t invited at all, Fox reported.

Houston’s leading questions and commentary during the “news story” made it obvious the reporter disapproved of the event out of concerns about “fairness” to low-achieving students, and she may have successfully shamed some of the partygoers during her interviews.

But at least one young girl apparently understands that good things come to those who work hard.

“I wasn’t really fair to people, but I think it just kind of motivated you to work harder if you wanted to stay there the whole time,” the student said.

The news report was too much for Glenn Beck, who berated the broadcast on his radio show as promoting the same socialist indoctrination as many public schools.

“Even the A-students didn’t think it was all that right. Probably because they have been indoctrinated from the very beginning in socialist tendencies, and beyond that they’ve got a reporter sticking a microphone in their face and going, ‘Do you think that’s right?’ They’re (sixth) graders … I don’t know!” Beck said on his radio show last week.


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