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Remember the semi-trucks and the near head-on crash? There’s more…


The video of a close call between two transport trucks and a snowplow in Northern Ontario that earned 1.6 million views on has led to charges being laid against one driver.

On Jan. 4, officers with the Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Nipigon responded to a report of a motor-vehicle collision on Highway 11, in Greenstone.

The driver of a north bound tractor trailer rounded a curve and came practically face-to-face with a south bound tractor trailer that was attempting to pass a snowplow.

To avoid a head-on collision, the driver of the north bound semi was forced to the side of the road, colliding with several guard posts before coming to a stop.

The driver of the south bound tractor trailer unit continued south without stopping. The dramatic, dashcam video of the incident went viral on and was provided to police by the the north bound driver.

Using the video, police were able to identify the vehicle and the driver of the south bound tractor trailer. The 31-year-old driver from Milton, Ont., faces charges.

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