Redskins, Honorable or Derogatory?

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While perusing the internet today I run across this:

In the all my years of being alive, I have never thought the word Redskin to mean anything derogatory… As a matter of fact, reading through the comments here, I think Peggy says it best:

The name “Washington Redskins” infers strength, fortitude, determination, resiliency, bravery, and many other respectful and flattering words. In no way is that name disrespectful or condescending.

So, the bad part of this whole campaign is that I now have make sure that I don’t lump all Native Americans together. I have never thought anything negative about Native Americans, but let me tell ya, I sure don’t have any sympathy for this victim mentality, political correctness bull-shit being put forward by these whiny pricks.

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