O’Reilly Interview With Obama: What, Me Fundamentally Transform?

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oreillyobama1Bill O’Reilly’s interview with President Obama during the Super Bowl was about as effective as the Bronco’s offense Sunday. We’ve all heard the president obfuscate and duck the truth, but this one was a classic. There’s almost no need to ever interview Barack Obama again!

Moving on. Nothing to see here. No need to ask about Benghazi, the IRS, Fast & Furious, the economy, unemployment, the debt ceiling and whatever you do – don’t bring up that whole “Fundamentally Transforming America” thing because apparently the President never said it, never meant it and hasn’t done it.

Way to go Bill O’Reilly and Fox. The only thing more disappointing than the Super Bowl itself was having to sit through another contrived “interview” where Barack Obama continues the fairy tale of how you can add 2+2 and get five. No, really, it’s five. I counted it myself and it’s five. Two and two. Uh-huh.

If I hear Bill O’Reilly twist into a sheep shank claiming he’s an independent once again, thinking Barack Obama has any use for him other than of the useful idiot variety, I think I’ll pull out my teeth. The fact that Super Bowl Sunday has any politics in the first place is repulsive enough – but now I gotta listen to more State of the Union B.S.?

I’d rather listen to some sideline reporter talk about some player’s mom who has diabetes and still raised 27 children than see Barack Obama or any politician on this holiest of all football days.

But here it is if you missed it:

There hasn’t been a “smidgen” of corruption in the IRS? Then why isn’t Lois Lerner in her regular job over there? The President gives no answers to any softball questions and O’Reilly doesn’t nail him to the wall when he clearly lies. And President Obama even contracdicts himself on the question of “Fundamental Transformation”?

This is the Manchurian Candidate and now Bill O’Reilly and Fox have given him cover. All the White House and the liberal media has to say is that now the questions have been answered, the scandals are old, let’s move on to Amnesty and all the Republicans want is more obstruction and income inequality…

2014: Conservatives. Tea Party. Takeover..

.. Anything less and we’re in real trouble..

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