‘Obama Should Be Executed’… Rep Does Not Disagree, Right Away…

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A town hall meeting with Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) took a bizarre turn recently when a woman in the audience declared that President Obama “should be executed as an enemy combatant” and the congressman kept speaking cordially with her.

Bridenstine issued a statement on Thursday denouncing the remark, but that wasn’t until eight days after someone posted a video of the town hall online.

It’s unclear when the town hall was held. But the video that was posted Jan. 29 shows Bridenstine speaking with a small group of people inside a room.

At one point in the video, a woman can be heard calling for the President to be killed and saying something about “the Muslims he is shipping into our country.”

In response, Bridenstine offered some sympathy for the woman’s views.

“Everybody knows the lawlessness of this president. He picks and chooses which laws he’s going to enforce or not enforce, he does it by decree,” Bridenstine told her.

After talking with the woman, Bridenstine took a question from another woman who said the president should be impeached. He laughed at her comment, but did not dispute it.

“You know, you look so sweet,” he said to the woman.


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