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Obama and Biden provoking Putin over Ukraine Conflict


We have a Defcon-1 “Smart Diplomacy Alert”.  Vladimir Putin apparently hasn’t gotten the message that the 80s want their foreign policy back.   It’s obvious that he just doesn’t understand the Obama/Clinton/Kerry Russian reset in our foreign policy.

The US warned Moscow to be “very careful” in its judgements [sic]after Vladimir Putin put armed forces in western Russia on alert, as tensions mounted in the pro-Russian Crimea over the overthrow of Moscow ally Viktor Yanukovych by pro-European protesters.


John Kerry, the US secretary of state, raised the spectre of an East-West standoff as he insisted the US and Russia did not need to get into an “old cold war confrontation” over the country. He called on the Kremlin to “keep its word” over the unity of Ukraine, as the White House urged “outside actors” in the region to respect the country’s sovereignty.

Vlad just doesn’t know what he’s facing.  This is a complex world, it’s not the black and white figment of BushCheney imagination, we’re in a new world where action speaks louder than words.  We’re talking real action…

Real action based on Fitness.  That’s Fitness with a capital “F”.  Not bluster.  Putin isn’t dealing with a Pussy Riot here.

Tweet, Facebook, or G+ this post and you’ll see just how over-matched Putin really is…



Smart Diplomacy and a Russian reset.

Feeling safer yet???


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