Murder Black-out in the Name of Amnesty: The Jamiel Shaw Vigil

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Seventeen-year-old Jamiel Shaw Jr., made one fatal mistake on the evening of Sunday, March 2, 2008 – just around 8:30.. He thought it was okay in America to walk home.

Jamiel’s father heard the shots and ran out of their modest home in Arlington Heights – a Los Angeles neighborhood and stayed by his son’s side until the ambulance arrived.

The overwhelming feeling that his son’s good fortune – the good grades, the athletic prowess, a promising future – was just too good to be true was indeed just that: Too good to be true.

You see, this country chooses to not enforce it’s immigration laws in favor of political correctness, expedience and the pursuit of blind power..

A couple hours later, Jamiel Shaw Jr. was dead from a shot to the head by Pedro Espinoza, who was living in the United States illegally and had recently been released from jail on a weapons conviction. Nice.

Should I give you the rest of the details or can you fill in the part about the mistaken gang colors or an unrepentant Latino racist? How about the Dream Act or some other cliche Los Angeles “who cares?” story about future Democrat voters? Hey – let’s get a quote from La Raza about how the white man stole the … wait there’s no white man in this story.

racist-jesse-jackson-al-sharpton-104951066203But you know there’s no white here because even if you were blind you’d hear the dulcet tones of Maxine Waters, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of the race-baiters – along with the celebs, who by the way initially showed up until they found out Jamiel Shaw Sr. was…. wait for it: A Conservative!

Oh no.. what? Stevie Wonder took back his pledge to auction off one of his Grammy’s? Bill Cosby canceled a promised event? Why?.. come on, right cause, right color – wrong Party.

If it’s black-on-black, or Anything-on-Republican – no celebrities and no media is sure to show up and if an illegal alien is involved – there’s a total black-out, no pun intended. Believe it. After all, wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of the upcoming Amnesty for future Democrat voters, now would we?

It is in this spirit that I am helping to promote the “Grassroots Annual Remembrance Day For Americans Murdered By Illegal Aliens” which will be the 1st Sunday in March – this year falling on March 2nd. I hope you’ll spread the word about this effort and if you’re anywhere near Los Angeles join me for a Candlelight vigil in remembrance of  Jamiel Shaw Jr. and other Americans murdered by illegals across America.

Los Angeles Candlelight Vigil
March 2, 2014
5:00pm – 6:30pm
2136 – 5th Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90018
(323) 605-8326

Join In

Grassroots Annual Remembrance Day
For Americans Murdered By Illegal Aliens
(1st Sunday in March)
March 2, 2014

In Conjuction with the Remembrance Project

Thanks everybody – it’s important to remember these folks and support these families because the media is running interference for an Administration that puts votes over the lives of Americans. It’s disgraceful.

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Rodney Lee Conover is running for Congress in the 8th District in California


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