Mitch McConnell’s Failed Attempt to Smear Matt Bevin

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Mitch McConnell is desperate and it’s starting to show…

Erick Erickson at Redstate reported:

Mitch McConnell four points behind Democrat challenger Allison Grimes.


There is an alternative. His name is Matt Bevin. He is challenging Mitch McConnell in the Republican Primary. Bevin polls one point worse than McConnell against Allison Grimes, but there is a big catch.

According to the polling data, 37% of Kentucky voters have no opinion on him, 37% are neutral on him, 17% are unfavorable toward him, and 10% like him. Bevin is an unknown.

Bevin has emerged as a real threat to McConnell.  The proof of this can be found by Politico falsely reporting:

“Most of the positive developments have been government led, such as the effective nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the passage of the $700 billion TARP (don’t call it a bailout) and the Federal Reserve’s intention to invest in commercial paper,” wrote Bevin and Daniel Bandi, chief investment officer and vice president of the fund. “These moves should help to stabilize asset prices and help to ease liquidity constraints in the financial system.”

Mitch McConnell is no friend of conservatives, has a history of rolling over anytime Harry Reid needs him to, and is now in trouble in the polls. Mitch is in trouble and Bevin is starting to show some strength… and now Bevin gets smeared with this very disturbing story.  If Bevin supported TARP as Politico reported, conservatives would be not be happy.

Shortly after the Politico report, Glenn Beck invited Bevin on his radio show and wanted an explanation, as did many conservatives.


Basically Bevin’s claim is:

“Finance law is extremely convoluted and it’d be easy to mislead people on the documents,” a source with Bevin’s campaign told TheBlaze. “But the fact of the matter is that he had nothing to do with the memo and he couldn’t amend it even if he wanted to.”

TheBlaze’s legal source confirmed that executives are indeed required by law to sign off on these kinds of financial documents.

Having worked on campaigns, I will try to explain how stories like this get to press.  Some pimply face opposition-research/campaign staffer puts the info together then passes it off to a communications staffer that has press connections. That person goes out and peddles the story to media outlets. The Campaign Manager and  the Candidate are always aware of these things, responses are already written up, candidate is briefed on exactly what to say. Reporters are lazy and don’t want to do any work other than to write up what they are being fed.  This hit job, planted by the McConnell campaign, is nothing more than an attempt to smear Bevin.

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